Agile for Embedded Conference 2017 Logo

Agile for Embedded Conference 2017

3rd May | Berkshire UK

The day offers a pragmatic and practical approach to using Agile in the embedded development environment. Using a mix of keynote sessions, user experiences, vendor presentations and an exhibition, the day will review modern Agile practices in the context of embedded development, share experiences of using Agile in this context, as well as stimulate discussion around Agile development and the specific challenges of being Agile in an embedded environment. It is aimed at senior engineers and managers responsible for the development of embedded systems, as well as at embedded developers and engineers with an interest in Agile.

Embedded Testing 2017

20th - 22nd June | nh Hotel Munich, Germany

Embedded Testing takes place for the third time in Munich in June 2017. HLMC Events GmbH is the organiser. The exclusive focus of the conference is the embedded environment and therefore it differentiates to other events which have the whole embedded branche as topic (which misses out the topic testing) or conferences with the topic testing (which misses out the embedded branche). The conference handles the following topics: Unit Testing, static code analysis, black and white box tests, chart driven tests and limit case analysis, code coverage analysis, regression tests, integration tests as well as standards and risk of liability. Target audience of the Embedded Testing is tester in embedded project as well as staff from the sector quality control.

QA Systems Events - Embedded Software Engineering Congress 2016 - ESE - Sindelfingen, Germany

Embedded Software Engineering Kongress 2017

5th - 7th Dezember | Congress Center Stadthalle Sindelfingen, Germany

The Embedded Software Engineering Kongress is a joint event of MicroConsult and ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS. It is the only German-language convention that focuses exclusively and extensively on the manifold issues and challenges with respect to the development of device and system software for industrial applications, automotive engineering, automation, drives, measurement systems, communication systems as well as consumer electronics and medical devices.