Digital Car With Sensors for ADAS Systems
Autonomous Cars - Put Your Safety Belt on, the Future is Almost Here!
Dylan Llewellyn

Technological progress over the last twenty years, powered in part by the increased power of computers has seen massive advancements in safety, efficiency and ease of use. Automotive technology has progressed at an incredible rate. Fully autonomous vehicles are almost here and will transform the way we travel, in a change within a lifetime that is as dramatic as the difference between a Model T and a modern Porsche 911...

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Continuous Integration is Absurd without Unit Testing
Adam Mackay - Guest Writer from Verifa

Continuous integration is absurd without unit testing. Imagine this conversation between colleagues:“We are DevOps pioneers,” my colleague says, swinging his arm towards the Dell Inspiron that hums away on the edge of his desk. On the screen, a mass of red boxes blinks into life whilst a cartoon man, grinning in a bowtie, watches on from the top left. “Nice. What does it do?” asks Kelly from the test team...

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