QA Systems Announce Major New Version of Cantata Unit Test Tool

QA Systems Announce Major New Version of Cantata Test Tool


Today QA Systems announced the upcoming release of Cantata version 8.0. This is a major new release of the Cantata unit and integration testing framework for C and C++. This version automates test maintenance, custom code injection, and makes it easier to test across multiple embedded environments.


A new Code Change Analysis feature has been added to cut test maintenance when C/C++ code is changed after initial testing. This identifies code changes which impact tests and gives detailed guidance on suitable test updates. Automatically generated suggestions can be selected, triggering automatic test refactoring for many types of code change.


When code is re-used over multiple embedded platforms for different product variants, new deployment switching in Cantata version 8.0 makes it simple to re-use the same tests. It is also now possible to inject extra test code anywhere into source code without modifying the production code.  This provides greater flexibility for injecting errors and white-box testing.


Version 8.0 contains improvements to the Cantata user interface. A new Cantata Eclipse Perspective has been added and includes a Test Explorer as the test centric control hub.


Cantata Product Manager Pierre-Henri Stanek commented “I’m really excited about the changes in this version. Code Change Analysis is a powerful tool making it easy to maintain existing tests as code is updated, and deployment switching is a key feature often requested by our embedded customers. The latest GUI version is accessible and intuitive, making the testing process simpler for less experienced users, while enhancing the advanced functionality that our existing users expect.”


As with previous versions, Cantata 8.0 will be certified to the highest safety integrity levels for ISO 26262 (automotive), IEC 61508 (industrial safety), IEC 62304 (medical devices), EN 50128 (railways), IEC 60880 (nuclear) by SGS-TÜV Saar soon after release. 


Cantata 8.0 will be generally available from May 2018. For further information, please visit, or contact