Cantata & QA-MISRA Licensing Guide

Cantata & QA-MISRA Licensing Guide

The document describes how to configure and use Sentinel licensing for QA Systems products like Cantata and QA-MISRA.

It covers:

  • Setting up a license server on Windows or Linux to provide network licenses.
  • Configuring a client machine to use an evaluation/node-locked license or connect to a network license server.
  • Using the LSInit utility to initialize Sentinel licensing on a machine.
  • Setting environment variables like LSFORCEHOST and LSERVRC to control license behavior.
  • Using Sentinel tools like lsmon and WLMAdmin to administer licenses.
  • Installation and configuration steps for license servers and clients on both Windows and Linux.

In summary, it provides comprehensive documentation on utilizing Sentinel RMS licensing for QA Systems tools, covering license installation, configuration, administration, and usage on various systems.

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