Cantata Updating a Deployment

Cantata Updating a Deployment

You might have active target deployments for use on production- or development hardware or a simulation environment.
After installation of a new Cantata version you will want to ensure that these existing deployments still work as expected and that you can continue with your tests on the target without interruption. Any changes to registered deployment configurations will need to be verified by QA-Systems so that an updated deployment checksum can be issued for certification compliance.

In summary, the process of doing this consists of:
 Loading the existing deployment into the Cantata Deployment Editor
 Rebuilding the library
 Verifying the deployment tests are still being passed
 Repackaging the deployment
 Requesting a new checksum

These steps ensure that everything still works exactly as expected and the deployment is current.
This tech note will go through each of the steps to show how this can be done swiftly and efficiently.

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