QA-MISRA Pre-processor Configuration

QA-MISRA Preprocessor Configuration

This technical note shows how to configure the preprocessor for the QA-MISRA static analysis tool. It aims to help users transition from their compilation setup to the QA-MISRA analysis tool.

  • It provides instructions on how to get the necessary compiler-specific information like predefined macros and include search paths to set up QA-MISRA. This is needed because QA-MISRA uses the Clang preprocessor, but users likely compile with a different compiler.
  • It explains how to use compiler options like -dM and -E in GCC/Clang to output preprocessor definitions and include paths.
  • The configuration needs to be done separately for C and C++ languages.
  • Project/file specific preprocessor settings like macros and include paths can be added manually or imported from a JSON compilation database.
  • It mentions the QA-MISRA documentation and option for a free web session on setting up the first project.

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