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ASTRÉE is a sound parametric static analyzer that proves the absence of runtime errors and data races.

It reports program defects caused by unspecified and undefined behaviours according to the C/C++ language standards, program defects caused by invalid concurrent behaviour, and computes program properties relevant for functional safety.

Automatic generation

Zero false negatives & false positives

Lower false negatives mean more confidence the analysis has not missed problems. Lower false positives mean less wasted effort on assessing and discarding as ‘false’ a reported violation (alarm).

Lower cost

Sound data & control flow coupling

ASTRÉE computes data and control flow reports containing a detailed listing of accesses to global and static variables sorted by functions or variables, and caller/callee relationships between functions.

Lower risk

Error classes reported

ASTRÉE is sound for floating-point computations and handles them precisely and safely. It takes all potential rounding errors into account.