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What is MISRA?

The MISRA guidelines provide a recognized set of development best practices and comprehensive coding rules for the C and C++ languages.


Published by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association, the MISRA coding guidelines are now accepted worldwide, as the benchmark standard for developing safety-critical software in C and C++ across all safety markets.

What is QA-MISRA?

QA-MISRA is a set of MISRA C and C++ compliance modules for use within the QA-C / QA-C++ tools. 

QA-MISRA is produced by the experts who wrote the MISRA C / C++ guidelines. Each compliance module applies the extensive QA-C or QA-C++ message set supplemented by some additional MISRA-specific checks to enforce the coding rules. Documentation is provided describing rule enforcement and message interpretation, and an extensive set of example code is included to aid understanding.

A Safer Subset of the C Language - Detect and fix non-compliances to MISRA Standards

A safer C / C++ language subset

All programming languages (including the ISO C and C++ language standards) contain uses which are incompletely specified or defined in a way that different compiler implementations can exhibit different behaviour for the same language construct. For safety-related or safety-critical systems, the MISRA ‘advisory’ and ‘required’ rules define a safer subset of grammar for the C and C++ languages to improve the portability, safety and security aspects of programs. These sub-sets are simply a restricted version of the full language, so standard commercial off the shelf too chains can be used with them, while providing safer programs which run as the programmer expected on different environments.

QA-MISRA compliance modules

Available QA-MISRA compliance modules:

  • MISRA C:1998
  • MISRA C:2004
  • MISRA C:2012 (MISRA C3)
  • MISRA C++
QA-MISRA Compliance modules covers - guidelines - MISRA C:1998 - MISRA C:2004 - MISRA C:2012 - MISRA C++ - codinf rules for the C and C++ languages