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static code analysis tool

Static Analysis
Coding Standards Compliance

Coding standards for functional safety (MISRAAUTOSAR etcand security (CERT and CWE etc). It also provides insights through metrics and visualisations into source code quality.


Automated Unit &
Integration Testing

Verify C/C++ code for standards compliance or critical applications on embedded and native platforms. Integrated with diverse embedded development toolchains, including cross-compilers, requirements management, and CI tools.


Safety Standard Compliance for GoogleTest Suites

Cantata Hybrid is a specialized subset of Cantata that allows the generation of test results evidence and code coverage metrics from existing GoogleTest suites. 

QA-MISRA in 90 seconds video


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Cantata in 90 seconds video


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QA Systems static analysis and software testing tools support verification in the linear flow of software development below. We recommend applying sequential approach to these verification stages with tools that are designed and targeted for each purpose.

Flow process QA-MISRA

COMPLY     > Use QA-MISRA for fast coding standard compliance at the developer’s desktop first.

TEST           > Use Cantata for automated dynamic execution of the standard-compliant software.
                    > Use Cantata Hybrid to generate certified Cantata test results from existing Google tests.

ANALYZE   > Use Astrée for proving absence of run-time errors on whole application.
NB: Astrée uses the same configuration as QA-MISRA, so the effort to apply it later to a QA-MISRA project later is low.