QA Systems Announces Latest Update of Cantata 6.2


QA Systems continues to lead the competition by improving ease of use for embedded targets

QA Systems, the provider of software quality solutions to safety critical markets, announces the latest update for Cantata – its leading unit and integration testing tool for C/C++ embedded systems.

Update A includes over 30 separate enhancements and fixes, including improvements to the graphical user interface that further increase automation and speed up the software testing process, thus  improving overall ease of use.

Andreas Sczepansky, CEO at QA Systems, comments, “it is unusual for a mid-cycle release to include such major upgrades. These improvements make Cantata even easier to use, and faster to deploy for embedded platforms, whilst retaining the recent certification of Cantata 6.2 by SGS TÜV SAAR. As most of our customers are testing in embedded environments, we wanted users to have them as soon as possible.”

Highlights of Cantata 6.2 update A:

AutoTest for embedded code
The Cantata Baseline Testing feature has been re-named AutoTest, making it clearer to engineers that tests can be automatically generated from source code to achieve 100% coverage. The test generation engine now uses the leading EDG (Edison Design Group) C/C++ parser, enabling Cantata to automatically test a much wider range of embedded target code including support of non-standard language features.

Out of the box embedded target configurations
Cantata is fully integrated with a wide range of commonly used cross-compiler IDEs, including Wind River Workbench, Code Composer Studio, QNX Momentics, Keil μVision and many others.  Cantata now extends that range with latest version support of these IDEs, and simplifies tool set up for specific simulators and processors using these IDE integrations. A suite of in-built pre-configured target libraries reduces Cantata deployment within these environments to just a few mouse-clicks.

More information on Cantata 6.2 update A is available at

About Cantata
Cantata dynamically proves code with intelligent unit and integration testing, in the most cost effective manner. It provides a complete test development environment built on Eclipse and it integrates easily with developer desktop compilers and embedded target platforms. Cantata has been successfully used by customers worldwide since the 1990s to meet all the international safety related standards, including: ISO 26262, EN 50128, IEC 60880, DO 178B/C and IEC 62304.

About QA Systems
Founded by Andreas Sczepansky in Stuttgart, QA Systems’ fundamental goals are to accelerate and improve software development. Operating on a global scale, QA Systems has over 350 blue-chip customers, spanning a range of industries, including aerospace & defence, automotive, healthcare and railways. The company supplies and supports its own tools, in addition to carefully selected products from strategic business partners, for static or dynamic testing, requirements engineering, architectural analysis and software metrics.