QA Systems Announces Version 9.0 of the Cantata Unit Test Tool


Today software quality company, QA Systems, has announced the anticipated release of Cantata version 9.0. This is a major new release of the Cantata unit and integration testing tool for C and C++. This version introduces support for Test Driven Development (TDD), by automating test script generation from header files. The cutting-edge Cantata Autotest feature has been extended to cover C++. New Build Variant Code Coverage has been added to explicitly measure and combine executions over multiple builds of source code.

TDD is an agile technique which develops test cases from requirements rather than source code implementation. In contrast to open source tools, Cantata for TDD ensures ‘cleaner’ code and enhances common TDD techniques through full-featured white-box testing. Cantata TDD test cases can be run before the code is implemented. Cantata converts stub simulations to wrapper interceptions, automatically updating tests as code function bodies are defined.

Due to growing market demand the popular Cantata AutoTest feature has been extended for C++ code, generating passing unit test cases with 100% code coverage. Each test case is generated with a concise code path solving description, to aid tracing to requirements.

New Build Variant Coverage reports aggregate data for source code executed over more than one build variant, and all coverage certification is now automatically generated when coverage analysis is deferred after test execution.

Cantata Product Manager Pierre-Henri Stanek commented “This new version of Cantata delivers sophisticated new features and I’m very proud of our R&D team here at QA Systems. Our customers are increasingly looking to apply Cantata on TDD and C++ projects. By allowing executable tests to be created before the code is implemented, and supporting C++ in the popular AutoTest feature, we have empowered our customers with agile testing solutions. Coverage over multiple builds is often requested by our automotive customers, so we are pleased to include new Build Variant Coverage in Cantata 9.0. Even when defines are used to build executable code variants, this provides unique analysis and certified reporting of coverage aggregated over all variants”.

Cantata 9.0 is certified to the highest safety integrity levels for ISO 26262 (automotive), IEC 61508 (industrial safety), IEC 62304 (medical devices), EN 50128 (railways), IEC 60880 (nuclear) from SGS TüV Saar.

Cantata version 9.0 is available from October 2019. For further information, please visit, or contact