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QA-MISRA is a static analysis tool, enabling developers to comply with C/C++ coding standards for functional safety (MISRA, AUTOSAR etc) and security (CERT and CWE etc). It also provides insights through metrics and visualisations into source code quality. Start your QA-MISRA tool trial today.

Fast Analysis

Fast Analysis of C/C++ Code

QA-MISRA analyses software packages very quickly, regardless of the size of the codebase.
QA-MISRA also focuses on coding standards compliance and quality insights. This makes the analyzer very quick to run.

Accurate standards compliance

Accurate standards compliance

QA-MISRA checks code for compliance with zero false negatives and zero false positives on syntactic coding rules, and low false-positive results on semantic rules.

Improve source code quality

Improve source code quality

HIS and other code quality metrics with threshold checks. Call graphs and C++ class template diagrams visualise quality.