Webinar: Accelerate Unit Testing Safety-Critical Software with Cantata

Discover how Cantata can revolutionize your testing processes and expedite safety standards compliance. Join Adam Mackay, Integrations Manager, and Matt Davis, Managing Director of QA Systems, in this exclusive webinar where they share invaluable insights, demonstrations, and the latest techniques used by embedded industry leaders.

In this video, you’ll delve into the world of safety-critical best practices and learn essential methods for conducting efficient C/C++ unit and integration testing. Gain a comprehensive understanding of key topics including verification methods, requirements assessment, coverage analysis, test automation, test report comparison, and seamless integration of Cantata into your development toolchain.

Topics Covered:

  1. Uncover the Standards Requirements.
  2. Master Effective Requirements Management.
  3. Enhance Testing Reliability with Coverage Analysis.
  4. Test Case Generation Strategies.
  5. Comprehensive Test Reports for Evidence.
  6. Integrate Cantata into Your Toolchain.

Don’t miss the chance to revolutionize your testing processes and ensure compliance with safety-critical standards.