At ATC ISO 26262 (an online event hosted in China) Matt Davis the Director of QA Systems in the UK, presented a talk on Beyond Requirements Based Testing for ISO 26262. In this talk, Davis focuses on achieving a demonstration that there are no undesired functionality or functional safety properties. This goes beyond requirements, specifications, and testing, ensuring the safety measures are correctly implemented and comply with the architecture and level unit design.

This talk will help you understand the ISO 26262 unit, integration-level testing objectives and processes, and requirements-based testing.

You will also learn:

– How to apply techniques for Control Flow and data Flow verification, Equivalence Partitions, Boundary Values and Structural Code Coverage with Interface tests, Fault Injection tests and Resource Usage tests.

– What to look out for in tools supporting these activities, and see a practical example of fault injection through interface interception test performed HiL.