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A best in class tool integrated with an extensive set of embedded development toolchains

Cantata Integrations: Streamlined Cross-Platform Testing and Deployment

Cantata is a powerful testing tool that offers seamless integration with Windows® and Linux® host operating systems. Whether you prefer a Built-on-Eclipse® IDE or an Eclipse-Ready® plug-in set, Cantata caters to your needs. It supports GNU GCC & gpp and Microsoft Developer Studio® compilers, and comes with an array of embedded development toolchains.

To confirm how your specific tools and platforms are supported, please contact QA Systems.

Seamless Deployment to Your Target Platform

Deploying Cantata to your specific target platform is hassle-free, with a built-in deployment wizard and a powerful editor that offers unlimited deployment without any license restrictions. The wizard simplifies the process of selecting basic settings, while the dedicated multi-mode editor provides step-by-step assistance to fine-tune settings.

Cantata deployments consist of libraries and configuration options tailored for each specific target, ensuring binary compatibility with your code. Engineers can easily use Cantata for their tests on that platform once it’s deployed.

You have the flexibility to deploy Cantata to a target yourself, or you can opt for the professional service available. To get a free assessment for Cantata compatibility in your target environment, please contact us or get in touch with your local supplier.

Effortless and Flexible On-Target Testing

Cantata tests are platform-independent scripts written in C/C++, and with target-specific deployments, they become C/C++ executables. You can download and run these tests on a variety of platforms, including simulators, emulators, and physical target boards, just as you would with your own code.

  • Simulator
  • Emulator
  • Physical Target Board

Cantata easily adapts to any target communication mechanism, making test execution and results retrieval fully automated using Cantata Makefiles, test scripts, and platform deployments. Enjoy easy and flexible on-target testing through the intuitive GUI or CLI.

Discover a seamless testing and deployment experience with Cantata, designed to meet your specific needs and platforms.

"We developed and tested the control system for the wing flaps, both in a simulated environment and with the real hardware. This worked very well, and we were able to certify the project to the highest level according to DO-178B, (Level A)!"

Johnny Johansson, Global Validation & Verification Tools Manager, SAAB

"We developed and tested the control system for the wing flaps, both in a simulated environment and with the real hardware. This worked very well, and we were able to certify the project to the highest level according to DO-178B, (Level A)!"

Johnny Johansson, Global Validation & Verification Tools Manager, SAAB

Easy tool integration

Building embedded software for multiple target platforms requires an efficient development toolchain. With Cantata, you can seamlessly integrate this powerful tool suite into your existing setup, simplifying the process of setting up testing on your targets.

Installing Cantata is a breeze, as it can be easily obtained from the cloud and deployed to your workstation using standard InstallAnywhere® and Eclipse capabilities.

The included Cantata deployment wizard eliminates any licensing restrictions and enables unlimited deployment to embedded targets. It generates a deployment zip file that stores the Cantata library and configuration settings specific to each target.

Teams can conveniently share multiple target configurations and test scripts. To meet tool certification requirements, Cantata allows verification of target deployments by running a target platform specific test suite as part of the deployment. A deployment registration checksum ensures control of test executions with the relevant target configuration.

Cantata empowers you to build unit or integration tests as executables, which can be run under debuggers for precise diagnostics.

All Cantata inputs and outputs can be easily stored in SCM systems, and the built-in Cantata Makefiles can seamlessly integrate with your preferred build and continuous integration tools.

Furthermore, Cantata offers seamless integration with popular requirements management tools, enabling smooth data interchange using CSV, Excel, or ReqIF™ formats. Explore the Cantata Requirements Traceability capability for more information.

How each part of Cantata fits into your environment:

Executables GUI Libraries
Cantata Component

32 or 64-bit executables for Windows or Linux.

GUI plug-ins for test creation, editing and results diagnostics. C and C++ libraries for test framework.
Easy Installation Installed on host native operating system.

Built-on-Eclipse® IDE installed or Eclipse-Ready® plugins added via Eclipse Install New Software.

Wizard driven deployment of library, configured for each target platform (cross-compiler / RTOS and chipset).
Easy Integration

Out of the box correct bit type operations for your host OS.

Out of the box use of Cantata within IDE and on CLI. Selectable zip file configuration for each target, keeping test scripts platform independent.

Cantata Supported Integrations

Cantata has been integrated with an extensive set of embedded toolchains which is constantly being updated.

If an element of your specific environment is not listed, please contact QA Systems to check for the latest information.

IDEs / Cross Compilers

Analog Devices VisualDSP++®

Arm® Development Studio

Cosmic Software

Cygwin™ / GNU

NXP® CodeWarrior®

Green Hills® MULTI®

IAR Embedded Workbench®


Arm® Keil® µVision®

Lynx Software Technologies™ Luminosity®

Microsoft® Visual Studio®

QNX® Momentics®

Renesas® CS+

Renesas® e2 Studio

Renesas® High-performance Embedded Workshop


Texas Instruments™ Code Composer Studio™

Wind River® (Tornado®, Diab™, Workbench)




Lauterbach™ TRACE32®

Real Time Operating Systems

Bare board (no RTOS)

Azure® ThreadX®
(formerly ThreadX Express Logic®)


Green Hills® INTEGRITY®

IntervalZero RTX®

Lynx Software Technologies™ LynxOS®
(formerly Mentor Graphics Nucleus®)

Micriµm® µC/OS-II™


Continental Automotive® OSEK®


Sysgo® PikeOS®

QNX® Neutrino®

Embedded Brains® RTEMS®

Segger® embOS®

Green Hills® µ-velOSity™


Wind River® Linux®

Wind River® Rocket

Wind River® VxWorks®

Build / Continuous Integration


GNU® Make



Microsoft® Azure®

Software Configuration Management

IBM® Rational® ClearCase®



Atlassian® Jira®

Perforce® HelixALM®

Apache® Subversion®

Requirements Management

Dassault Systems Reqtify®

IBM® Rational® DOORS®

Microsoft® Excel®

Siemens® Polarion™ ALM software

PTC® Windchill®
(formerly PTC® Integrity™)

PTC® Codebeamer™
(formerly Intland codeBeamer®)

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