QA-MISRA Datasheet

QA-MISRA automates static analysis of C/C++ source code to verify compliance with multiple standards such as MISRA C/C++, AUTOSAR, CERT C/C++ and CWE. It provides a single set of configurable rules to check compliance with all these coding standards.

The main advantages of QA-MISRA include:

– Fast compliance analysis with multiple C/C++ standards.
– Reduces effort in evaluating false positives
– Metrics and visualisations of code quality
– Permanent floating license
– Contextual explanations of violated rules
– Configurable reports and rule sets
– Integration with third-party IDEs and tools
– Batch and CI/CD execution

QA-MISRA is independently certified and ready-to-use certification and qualification kits are available. It helps reduce risk, shorten time to market and lower compliance costs. It is a fast and efficient tool to improve the quality and safety of C/C++ code.