Presentation During Embedded World 2022

Static Analysis and Dynamic Testing can streamline software quality assurance and save costs. At Embedded World 2022, Adam Mackay, Integrations Manager at QA Systems, shared insights on the benefits of combining these two approaches. This includes earlier identification and prevention of defects, bugs, non-conformities, and coding flaws.

As testing becomes more complex in later project stages, robust unit testing and automated code checking become crucial. Mackay emphasized the importance of implementing these practices early on.

Quality assurance testing tools that perform static and dynamic analysis can save developers significant time, money, and effort. They enable earlier detection of issues, reducing costly fixes late in development. Automation also speeds up tedious and repetitive testing tasks.

Learn how this proven approach of integrating static analysis and dynamic testing can help achieve more successful testing phases. With the right quality assurance tools and strategy, organizations can release higher-quality software faster and more efficiently.