Why Invest
Why invest in
Why Invest
Why invest in

What makes QA-MISRA different?

Very fast analysis time

  • QA-MISRA is 5x faster than it’s closest competitor tool.

Zero False Negatives and Zero False Positives on syntactic rules

  • It can be coupled with sound analyzer Astrée which produces no False Negatives and very Low False Positives on semantical rules. Zero false negatives mean more confidence the results have not missed problems.

QA-MISRA generated reports in text, CSV, HTML and XML formats are independent of tool

  • Allows for a high degree of automated report generation and resulting actions (e.g. quality gates in DevOps pipelines)
  • Competitor tools require the use of a licensed GUI / web interface to access the analysis findings

QA-MISRA flexible licensing model: permanent or subscription

  • The QA-MISRA & Cantata bundle license offers a shared concurrent user-based flexible license for both tools.
  • Most competitors do not offer permanent licenses, only subscription licenses.
  • Competitors offer only specific named user licenses, which are much less flexible than floating user licenses.

License Price

  • QA-MISRA standalone floating license pricing is competitive as it allows unrestricted individuals to access each concurrent user license.
  • The QA-MISRA & Cantata bundle license is very price competitive. Adding either Cantata or QA-MISRA to the other tool at the start is just a small uplift in price over a single tool (see Price List for details of QA-MISRA & Cantata bundle pricing).